Samstag, 1. Dezember 2007

Printed At Bismarck's Death - Via Lacrimosa (LP 1991)

Darkwave/Avantgarde band from Germany founded in 1983. The band still exists but didn't release anything since 1998.
Via Lacrimosa was released in 1991, it's difficult to describe what it sounds like. There are elements of Dark Wave, Neoclassic, Ambient, Ritual, Neofolk; but it's not lofty or cheesy(like countless Neofolk and Neoclassic Projects), the sounds were created with real instruments, the lyrics are great.

Great and unrivaled record!

Download Link:

(I'm looking for older releases of the band, so if anyone has one, please put it online and send me a link. That would be great.)


printed hat gesagt…

Hi Weird Cheese,
this is Ansgar, Band Member of PaBD. Nice post! one slight correction though: We released a new version of Meet Moshe Dayan in 2005 - and still work on new stuff...
If you are interested in older stuff - let's get in touch, via my space e.g.?

NeuroControl hat gesagt…

hello , Mr. weird Cheese. greettings from Mexico City. about the link , this is not working. Can you re-load this one again, please?? on this city is so imposible to find it, i have been looking this ona by years. thank you , bud.

Gerulf hat gesagt…

Hi Weird Cheese!
Great post,such a rare band..
Could You,please,reload this material,cause rapidshare said that file was not found on server.
It is so hard to find this album...
Hope You will help me.

mrblack hat gesagt…

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john hat gesagt…

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