Montag, 28. Januar 2008

Circle of Sig Tiu

As requested:

Circle of Sig Tiu - Feuer und Asche (LP 1985)

the LP includes both Aus98 tracks.

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Circle of Sig Tiu - We Come With Love But Not For Peace (LP 1987)

Their last LP sounds more like metal than punk and includes an amusing text:

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Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2008

VA - Bloodstains across Switzerland

This is a great compilation including many rare punk singles of the late 70ies/early eighties.

Records of Sperma, Glueams and Negativ cost 200 or even 300 $. Well, I would use that money to make my own punk record. ;)

However, there are some great and powerfull punk songs on this compilation!

Martin and Stephan Eicher were members of Glueams. After the band had split up, they formed Grauzone.

Dieter Meier (better known as a member of yello) had his own punk band and sang on severel singles of Fresh Colour/Frische Farbe.

The compilation also includes the swiss punk hymn "Züri Punx" (Sperma) and the "No CBS" 7'' by Rudolph Dietrich.

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Happy New Year btw...