Montag, 24. Dezember 2007

Merry Christmas!

Make Love - And War...

Freitag, 21. Dezember 2007

Rudolph Dietrich & Blue China (1980 - 1988) - Time To Leave (Switzerland 1988)

Blue China were a Swiss postpunk/new wave/indie Band.

Rudolph Dietrich played in the first Swiss punk band "Nasal Boys".

CBS was interested, the band travelled to England to record an album. They had to change their name into "Expo", CBS determined everything: name, music and record cover. Rudolph Dietrich left the band. In 1979 he released the single "No CBS", even though CBS tried avert it.

In 1979 the Band "Kraft durch Freude" was formed with Heinrich Heinricht and drummer Beat Schlatter (member of TNT, Sperma, Kleenex; now he is a famous comedian and actor in Switzerland) and released the LP "Wir bleiben Kameraden". In 1980 Schlatter was replaced by Thomas Wydler (member of Hertz) and the band released the single "I've gotta whole lotta love".

In 1980 R. Dietrich released under the name "Mutterfreuden" the LP "Don't miss the past". Band members were Iggie Wiederkehr (Sozz), Thomas Wydler, who was replaced by Phil Rust (TNT).

Mutterfreuden perform NO CBS in 1980:

R. Dietrich released a two CD compilation in 2006, if you're interested in his punk bands. You can order it here:
The artwork is absolutely great! A little book instead of a jewel case! 30 pages with collages, that's oldschool! ;)

Blue China Discography:

Visitors never come alone 7'' 1981

Cassingle 1981 (can anyone upload this one????)
Miracle/The Rut

Tomorrow Never Knows 12'' 1982

Single Collection 12'' Mini LP 1983

Spiritual Beauty LP 1983

These Are The Days 12'' 1984

and the compilation, which you can get here:

(cover follows, my camera doesn't work)

Dienstag, 11. Dezember 2007

Circle Of Sig Tiu - Signals On Tiusday (7'' 1987, Germany)

Circle Of Sig Tiu were a German punk band in the 80ies. Under the name "Aus98" the relased a single in 1983. This single is very rare but you can find both tracks on the sampler "Godfathers of German Gothic" and on the second LP of Circle of Sig Tiu "Signs of Time". In the early years the band played a rough and dark punk like Der Fluch but without trashy lyrics about zombies and werfewolves. The First LP "Feuer und Asche" from 1985 is really good.

The second LP is weird, there are some great apocalyptic songs (f.e. "Virus", "Feuer und Asche", both Aus98 Songs), but there are also christian lyrics combined with hardcore punk music.

The single "Signals On Tiusday" was released in 1987, the songs "false replacement" and "no rest in peace" have been recorded live in 1987. It's funny, that you can hear 4 different drummers on this single (just take a look at the back, in every song another drummer). I admit, that this single isn't very good: Christian lyrics, hardcore punk and metal influences...

I like it, because it's weird in a funny way...

The Band released another LP in 1988 "We came in love but not for peace". Hardcore punk meets white metal, I guess singer Jay Kay aka Josef Maria Klumb went completely insane then.

After the Circle split up the singer Jay Kay started the Darkwave Band "Forthcoming Fire", later "Weissglut" and finally "Von Thronstahl". On the homepage he writes about his "individual-fasistic" attitude, the zionistic conspiracy, left wing secret agents in the gothic scene and other weird crap. If you want to waste your time (or amuse yourself) check out the homepage. If you want more crap, buy an anthology or his autobiography.
Completely nuts...

However, here's the single:


Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2007

Survivors - We died (Zurich, 1979)

This is a very weird single, that I found in the Internet. There's a primitive drum, some children are screaming, someone's dying (the stertorousness will drive you mad, if you listen to long to it), on the b-side you can hear a really fucked up guitar (but the stertourousnesness doesn't stop), there are lyrics (which I can't understand), stertorously spoken - and suddenly it stops.
I don't know anything about this record, maybe the rip is just defective. Does anyone know anything about this band, this record, other records (tape releases,...?), band members, the label etc?

download link:

Re-upload: Starter - st 1981

New download link:


Samstag, 1. Dezember 2007

Printed At Bismarck's Death - Via Lacrimosa (LP 1991)

Darkwave/Avantgarde band from Germany founded in 1983. The band still exists but didn't release anything since 1998.
Via Lacrimosa was released in 1991, it's difficult to describe what it sounds like. There are elements of Dark Wave, Neoclassic, Ambient, Ritual, Neofolk; but it's not lofty or cheesy(like countless Neofolk and Neoclassic Projects), the sounds were created with real instruments, the lyrics are great.

Great and unrivaled record!

Download Link:

(I'm looking for older releases of the band, so if anyone has one, please put it online and send me a link. That would be great.)

Lore of Asmoday

Lore of Asmoday were a electic, groundbreaking and unfortunately underrated German Darkwave Band, that existed from 1989 until 2002. "Mastermind" Rüdiger S. played also in Those Fields Of Winter, Book Of Dzyan and a dozen other projects, after LoA he was vocalist of Experiment Nnord. Now he works on a solo project called Lebenszeit. If you're interested contact him (myspace).

Both bands couldn't find a label, even though they are/were popular and played on big festivals (WGT, Herbstnächte).

Official LoA Page @myspace:
Back Again (ein Nachruf auf Deutsch; bei Back Again finden sich auch Rezensionen zu den Experiment Nnord Veröffentlichungen) :
Experiment Nnord @myspace:

There was a page, where you could download all recordings of LoA legally and for free, but this homepage doesn't exist anymore, so I decided to upload the zips.

I won't upload any ExNnord record, because they are still available (amazon, infrarot, kernkrach,...). If you like it, buy it. ;)