Samstag, 1. Dezember 2007

Lore of Asmoday

Lore of Asmoday were a electic, groundbreaking and unfortunately underrated German Darkwave Band, that existed from 1989 until 2002. "Mastermind" Rüdiger S. played also in Those Fields Of Winter, Book Of Dzyan and a dozen other projects, after LoA he was vocalist of Experiment Nnord. Now he works on a solo project called Lebenszeit. If you're interested contact him (myspace).

Both bands couldn't find a label, even though they are/were popular and played on big festivals (WGT, Herbstnächte).

Official LoA Page @myspace:
Back Again (ein Nachruf auf Deutsch; bei Back Again finden sich auch Rezensionen zu den Experiment Nnord Veröffentlichungen) :
Experiment Nnord @myspace:

There was a page, where you could download all recordings of LoA legally and for free, but this homepage doesn't exist anymore, so I decided to upload the zips.

I won't upload any ExNnord record, because they are still available (amazon, infrarot, kernkrach,...). If you like it, buy it. ;)


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