Dienstag, 4. März 2008



I'm back and I've finally managed to rip some of my records.

Coming Up soon (=during the next 2 weeks and this time for real ;) ):

Circle of Sig Tiu - Sings of Time

El Deux - Gletscher Maxi

Trotz Allem - Same EP

MAD - Im Bravo stoht

Since some old download links don't work anymore, please leave a comment and I'll do a re-up. Please leave the comment on the latest posting!

... and I'm looking for:

Everything by Printed at Bismarck's Death and Griffin's Fall

Polyphonie Zürich

Those Fields Of Winter

Les fleurs d'hiver

I scream

Die Welttraumfahrer

Jägerblut/Sturmpercht Split 7''

Cancer Barrack


Devo Bootlegs

...SPK and Die tödliche Doris playing Music by Adolf Wölfli (does anyone know more about this?)

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about the music of Adolf Wölfli, i posted the only album I know about : Various - Necropolis, Amphibians & Reptiles - The Music Of Adolf Wölfli, the artists are Greame Revell of SPK,DDAA and Nurse With Wound but no Die tödliche Doris, see here : http://thethingonthedoorstep.blogspot.com/

I Scream -Tomorrow Is Another Day (tape) :