Sonntag, 9. September 2007

Starter - Same LP (Repertoire, 1981)

Another great Swiss wave record.....

Side A:

Is This Love? (with Stephan Eicher)

Side B:

Tanger (with Stephan Eicher)
Version 1
Tarzan & Jane
Part Of You

Minijupe Video:


Tom Doyle hat gesagt…

shit... i found you to late... the sendspace file is gone... can you re-up the starter lp again?


Weird Cheese hat gesagt…

New Download Link:

Anonym hat gesagt…

dear weird cheese,

thank you for your rapidshare re-upload. i had a pleasure to liste to Starter on various artists - teutonik disaster 2 - more rare and rockin’ german new wave punk and funk 1977-82! Part of you is still my the highest rate from this compilation. I really look forward checkin the rest ! i love your blog !

My Family hat gesagt…

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john hat gesagt…

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