Donnerstag, 31. Juli 2008

VA - Hochzeitsfest (1983)

Another weird swiss record, known as "Das Fest", "Hochzeitsfest LP" (=marriage) recorded live in Lucerne on 17.12.1982....

It was recorded at the marriage party of Brigitt and Achmed, now you want to know who they are? Sorry, I have no idea... Anyone?

Unfortenately I bought this LP without the original cover... but the green vinyl is very cool...

Unser Kampf
Du Aussenseiter
Was ist Anarchie

Brutus Brötchen:
Achmed ist ein Atatürk


Essen & Trinken (better known as TNT (Züri brännt)):


A lot more (and lot better) obscurities you can find here:


Sonntag, 25. Mai 2008

VA - Sehr gut kommt sehr gut (LP 1981)



1. Die Geldschweine - Sehr gut kommt sehr gut

2. Xao + Die Pest - Fortschrittsträume

3. Vielleichtors - Bring deinen Körper auf die Party

4. Mittagspause - Es hat keine Disco hier

5. Sternhagel - King Kong

6. Not mean themselves - Wrong Colours

7. Kraftwerk - Stalagmit 1-5 (0.20!)


1. Wirtschaftswunder - Hinweise zum neuen Klang

2. Der Plan - Fehlplan (wir sind so müde)

3. Siluetes 61 - Mannesmann

4. Die Lemminge - Why we hate the residents

5. Die Nachdenklichen Wehrpflichtigen - Ist Free-Jazz heilbar?

6. DAF - Sample&Hold

7. Residenz - Alles (0.00 !!)

8. Der KFC - Endlösung

9. O.R.a.V. - Punk Supermarkt

10. Kraftwerk - Stalagmit 6-12 (o.35)

Well, I know the bands but I don't know the titles, you may think after reading the tracklist. So did I, when I bought this record in a second hand shop. In fact all songs were made by Xao Seffcheque, who parodies the musical nothings by several NDW Bands. One of the funniest records, I've ever heard! Highly recommended!

Re-Upload: The Vyllies

... as requested:

Lilith LP
Velvet Tales EP

... the cover will follow as soon as I've found my camera... ;)


MD (manisch depressiv) - s/t 7'' (1983)

This handmade cover is cute, isn't it?
I found this very obscure swiss punk record a few weeks ago in a ragmarket for 2 Euro.

There isn't a tracklist, but gives the following infos:

Gott ist tot/Würde Würde Würde sein/Aber wir wissen/Aufstehn/Was ist los mit Amerika/Zeitmaschine (1+2)/
Existieren sie nicht/Es gibt sie nicht/Die Maschine/Gott ist tot

Sonntag, 20. April 2008

Swiss Wave The Album (Off Course 1980)


Side A

1. Grauzone - Eisbär

2. Grauzone - Raum

3. The Sick - World War III

4. Jack & The Rippers - I Think It's Over

5. Liliput - Hitch Hike

6. Liliput - DC-10

Side B

7. R. Dietrich & Kraft Durch Freude - Lies

8. R. Dietrich - Do What You Want

9. Jack & The Rippers - Down

10. Ladyshave - Tonight

11. Mother's Ruin - Heartbreak

12. Mother's Ruin - With Us

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Samstag, 29. März 2008

Film de Guerre - s/t Maxi (1983)

This is for Curious Guy! Thank you for posting so many good records, your blog is one of my favourite ones!
Great swiss minimal wave record, highly recommended! A Friend send me this, thanx a lot, ttllrr.

Track List:
Saint Raphael/Parano a la Campagne//Matin Matin


MAD - Im Bravo stoht (1981)

Very cute 7'' by the swiss pop punk band MAD....

Schwyzerszene/Im Bravo stoht